​​​​​​Conservatively, fraud steals $80 billion per year across all lines of insurance.(Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimate)

Unfortunately, storms can bring out unscrupulous roofing contractors who scam consumers needing to repair or replace their storm-damaged roofs. These fraudsters will often make false promises, insist on full payment up front before any work is completed, and sometimes even create damage where none previously existed. While most contractors are honest and reputable, others are not.  Please protect yourself! Use a well-established, licensed, insured and bonded roofing professional with a federal tax identification number (EIN) and a permanent address. HERE ARE A FEW TIPS...

  • Ask them for a copy of their STATE-ISSUED CONTRACTORS LICENSE

They should have a Home Improvement License for jobs $3,000-$25,000.  Any projects over $25,000 require a Contractors License. You can easily verify license status on Tennessee's Department of Commerce & Insurance License Search and Verification Website.

✔   D & D Renovations, Inc. has both licenses active and in place: HI #7573  C #69615.


When you receive it, please call to verify that the coverage is still in place. Many shady companies cancel their policy soon after they receive a verification letter. Let's say a company is fixing your roof and a roofer falls off and hurts him or herself on your property. If the company isn't insured, then the claim gets filed against your homeowner's insurance (very bad)!  If the company is insured, then the claim gets filed against the roofing company's liability insurance. 

   D & D Renovations, Inc. carries $2,000,000 of liability coverage and will provide proof upon request.

  • Ask if they are BONDED

This means that a separate bonding company has secured money that is available to the consumer in the event that they file a claim against the roofing company. This adds a secondary level of trust & security for the homeowner. 

✔   D & D Renovations, Inc. will gladly supply our certificate showing our bond in place.

  • Ask for their PERMANENT ADDRESS.

What good is any verbal or written warranty, if the company falls off the face of the earth after collecting your payment? Numerous guys work out of their truck and claim to be “long-term." Do you want to take that gamble? Will they be in business next year? Are they even close by?

   D & D Renovations, Inc.'s permanent address is: 9817 Huff 'N' Puff Road, Lakeland, TN 38002.

  • NEVER PAY LARGE DEPOSITS prior to completion of roof work. 

While some construction jobs make sense to use reasonable draws and partial payments along the way, roofing isn’t one of them. Most roofing replacements should take 3 days or less. An established roofing contractor should have funds and / or credit to fund job expenses until completion. If someone asks for money upfront, SAY NO!

✔   For insurance claims, D & D Renovations, Inc. will not ask for payment until completion and your satisfaction is achieved.

  • Be careful who you allow to speak with your INSURANCE ADJUSTER.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 62-6-605  (2016) 62-6-605.  Licensure of residential roofing services providers as public adjusters.

No residential roofing services provider shall act or hold out as being a public adjuster, as defined in § 56-6-902,unless licensed as a public adjuster in accordance with title 56, chapter 6, part 9. By this TN state law, a roofing company cannot act as a public adjuster on your behalf.  Some roofing companies will tell you they will fight for you to get your damage paid for. Unless they are a licensed insurance adjuster, they will be breaking the law and could potentially make things worse for your situation! You are responsible, by law, to pay your deductible. Don’t you wonder how some companies promise to pay them for you? 

✔   D & D Renovations, Inc. has three fully licensed insurance adjusters on staff to help on your behalf.

Our adjusters are familiar with the claims process, Xactimate insurance adjusting software, pricing, scope of work, and will work to answer any questions you may have. They are able to review the paperwork provided to you by your insurance company and clear up any mistakes or oversights that may occur. When your insurance company’s adjuster gets busy, mistakes and omissions do happen -- not intentionally, but they do occur, and you may be surprised at how often!

These are just a few very basic, main points on how to stay safe while hiring a contractor for your next project.  

You have every right to ask for proper verification from any company you deal with. Your roof is one of the most important pieces to your home -- It protects everything else. Don’t be taken advantage of!  We have seen it and our heart breaks for those people. Call us to inspect before you file a claim. You don't want to file a claim if there is no potentially covered damage present. Don’t allow anyone to tell you differently!

Have a question? Please reach out to us soon. You can ask for me personally!
Let us know how we may help you and please stay safe,

​​David Zinn

President​​, D & D Renovations, Inc.
(888) 653-6677 x701 




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